1. Who runs oxleas wood?

  2. Did you know that the Oxleas Woods supports a thriving honeybee apiary located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich Parks and Open Spaces Depot off Castle Woods Lane – Honey and other Apiary natural products can be purchased at the Oxleas Wood Cafe.

  3. Hi
    As a 70 years old I remember playing in Oxlea Woods when I was a child. In the 1950’s there was the large (by child’s standards) bomb crater. We often looked for shrapner in it, but never found any! I left the area many years ago and wonder if the crater is still visiable.

  4. I’m surprised there’s no mention on the site of the renewed threat (Summer 2014) to Oxleas Wood from the proposed Gallions Bridge. Bexley Council’s map of the proposals clearly shows a new road from the bridge to the A2. Visit their ‘roadshows’ or ask for a copy of their ‘Bexley’s Growth Strategy’ brochure to see for yourselves.

    Consultation closes on 05 September 2014 so act now.

  5. Rumours abound over rat poison being put down and dogs becoming ill/dying. How are we meant to know when it is safe to return? Need a post from the Oxleas Wood team so that we know when/ if we can safely walk with our pets in this lovely place. Information please!

  6. Disturbing reports of dogs possibly being poisoned in Oxleas Wood.

    1 dog died on Monday (3rd Feb 2014) after being taken ill on Friday after a walk. Vet suspects poison. Another dog taken ill yesterday (Mon 3rd Feb).

    Anyone else affected or heard anything..?

    • There is a notice up at the local Belgrove Road Vets confirming this. 2 dogs have recently been poisoned in Oxleas woods. Both died.

  7. Just had our first walk in Oxleas Wood only living a short distance from there what a great place .
    shame about the bags of dog S**t left by Dog owners slung on tree branches through out the wood,and Oxleas cafe paper bags I assume from bacon butties discarded in the wood .Such people who do this must be thrashed in public outside the cafe if caught .

  8. Hi Susanna, as far as we are aware the wood is open throughout the games, and it’s business as usual. .. No notice has been give to close the wood on any day.

  9. I am very upset about military base in Oxleas. Is it really going to happen? I’d like to know.
    I have been running a mini outdorr session each week for parent and children, with a lovely nature walk and craft and games…
    I want to carry on until end of July…do you think Oxleas woods is going to be closed?

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