The Oxleas Wood Apiary is to be found tucked in behind the gabled wall of the terraced garden of the now demolished Jackwood House (off Castle Woods Lane).  Comprising at the height of the beekeeping season around 30 or so hives, the Apiary offers courses in practical beekeeping, Queen rearing, and workshops in traditional straw skep lip-work.  For those seeking some ‘hands-on’ experience of managing or, for the inquisitive,  just an informed glimpse into the wonderful world of the honeybee, there  are a number of ‘Taster Days’  at key dates highlighting different tasks and activities throughout the beekeeping season.

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Apiary Taster Days provide ‘hands-on’ experience with bee stocks in the Oxleas Wood Apiary. Under the close supervision of an experienced apiarist, a small group of would-be beekeepers, or those simply inquisitive to experience first hand the wonderful world of honeybees, will open up hives and examine the bee colonies at first hand. Working afternoon sessions (weekends 1.00 to 5.00pm) are available at three distinctive times of the beekeeping season to cover the preparations for swarming and Queen raising, colony management and the honey harvest – protective beesuits and gloves are provided within the inclusive cost of £40.00 per Apiary Day.

Their Honey and other Apiary natural products can be purchased at the Oxleas Wood Cafe.