This section is not too hard, it follows the Capital Ring.

From Oxleas Wood (where the path joins with section 3) you follow rough paths and tracks through Shepherdleas Wood. At Shepherdleas Wood you turn right to go to Eltham Park North and then Mottingham. If you turned left at Shepherdleas Wood you would follow section 7, which goes a different way to Mottingham.

You pass the Long Pond, where you will see lots of water birds. A sign post shows you the way to Falconwood station if you wanted to finish your walk here. If not, you can keep going over a wide, level footbridge above the A2 Rochester Road and into Eltham Park South, where a tarmac path takes you to Eltham.

You follow a short, rough path through Conduit Meadow, which passes a signed path to Avery Hill Park on section 7. Then you pass a red-brick building called Conduit Head, which once controlled spring water from here to Eltham Palace. Hundreds of years ago Eltham Palace was the royal out-of-town home, like Windsor Castle is today. The moat around the palace and the Great Hall still survive from those times. Eltham Palace is open to the public.

A very old track called King John’s Walk takes you down to Mottingham, and passes the end of section 7 (which goes to Mottingham station). You cross a railway line by a footbridge with steps, and then cross the A20 Sidcup Road. The walk ends at Mottingham Lane, where the path joins with sections 8 and 9.


1.From the Green Chain major signpost in the middle of Oxleas Wood, follow the marker posts south, turning left to bring you to the junction of Welling Way and Rochester Way. Cross Rochester Way at the traffic lights and enter Shepherdleas Wood. Follow the marker posts as far as the Green Chain major signpost.

2.  Turn right and follow the marker posts through Shepherdleas Wood, then head left which brings you onto the open ground of Eltham Park North. Turn left, follow the marker posts to and around long Pond. Head left at the far end of the pond to reach a large meadow and keep going so that you return to the woodland. Follow the path running next to the railway and ‘Relief Road’ to reach the ‘Green Link Bridge’.

3. Turn right to cross the railway and new road into Eltham Park South. Follow the path along the eastern and southern boundaries of the park, which brings you back into Glenesk Road.

4. Turn left and follow Glenesk Road to the end and cross Bexley Road (A210). Go straight ahead down Butterfly lane, heading right just before the sports club and right again at the Green Chain major signpost into Conduit Meadows.

5. Follow the path through the Meadow past Conduit Head to the church and Southend Crescent

6. Turn left at Southend Crescent. At the fork in the road, cross over the road and turn right to go along Footscray Road. Turn left from Footscray Road and go along North Park.

7. Follow North Park to the end, cross over Court Road into Tilt Yard Approach opposite. Follow Tilt Yard Approach and then turn left down Court Yard and pass the entrance of Eltham Palace.

8. Keep going along Court Yard, turn right into King John’s Walk and head left where the four paths meet at the Green Chain major signpost.

9. Follow King John’s Walk between the fields to the sign at Middle Park public open space.

10. Keep going along King John’s Walk, you will need to cross over Middle Park Avenue and along the path over the railway footbridge to the Sidcup Road (A20). Cross the road and follow the path to the Green Chain major signpost at Mottingham Lane.


Where can I find something to eat and drink?
There are pubs at Falconwood, Eltham and Mottingham. Cafes at Eltham.

Where can I find toilets?
Eltham and Mottingham

How do I get there?

By railway: Falconwood, Mottingham

By bus: Falconwood, Mottingham, Eltham and Middle Park Avenue

What’s the path like for pushchairs and wheelchairs?
This section is mostly level with some short, gentle slopes and one footbridge with steps. Half the paths are tarmac or pavements and the other half are rough paths or tracks

Are there any roadworks or building sites blocking the path?
None reported

What’s good to visit along the way?
Eltham Palace

Where does the walk pass through?
Bromley and Greenwich

Where do I start the walk?
Oxleas Wood (Grid Reference 442- 760)

Where do I finish the walk?
Mottingham Lane (Grid Reference 418-731)

What’s the pathway like?
Mostly level with some short, gentle slopes and one footbridge with steps. Half the paths are tarmac or pavements and the other half are rough paths or tracks. No stiles. 1.9km (1.2miles) beside roads

What signs are there to show me the way?
There are pointing finger posts with a ‘G-C’ symbol and the words ‘Green Chain Walk’

What other paths join with this walk?
Capital Ring Sections 1 and 2, Green Chain Walk Sections 3, 7, 8 and 9

What map do I need?
Explorer 162, Or a Green Chain route guide which costs £3.50 and can be ordered from the South East London Green Chain on 020 8921 5876 or email the Green Chain

Who looks after this walk?
London Borough of Bexley, London Borough of Bromley, London Borough of Greenwich, London Borough of Lewisham